Best Al Fakher Flavour To Buy | Al Fakher Double Apple

As with the other hookah flavors in the market, Al Fakher flavors produce multiple options for persistent shisha smokers. This brand is known to produce some of the best collections of shisha tobacco with a wide variety of flavors and juicy factors. While this brand is known to be a perfect mixer for shisha combos, here in this post, we will discuss a specific Al Fakher flavour, the Al Fakher Double Apple.

While we were curating the list of shisha tobaccos widely available in the hookah market, this Al Fakher flavour is pretty unique! We must not forget that Al Fakher is known to produce a wide plethora of shisha flavors that satisfy the demands of their global audience.

Yet, people often ask which Al Fakher flavour would be best for their smoking session. The answer to these questions varies from person to person. This is also dependent on the individual's personal hookah flavor profile. Therefore, we have handpicked the Two Apples Flavor and decided to dive into its exotic details. Of course, there are other best-selling flavors from this brand, such as the Al Fakher mint, but today we have decided to consider this Al Fakher flavour.

Al Fakher flavors

Al Fakher Flavours | Two Apples Or Double Apple

You might have probably heard about this Al Fakher Two Apples or Double Apple. This Al Fakher flavour is not only recognized as one of the most popular flavors of hookah tobacco. It is also a shisha mix from this famous brand that is filled with some serious flavors.

This Al Fakher flavour is remarkably the best flavor that gives apple lovers a fantastic sensation. The two apples flavor is also known as double apples. This flavor is unique because it has more sweetness and less anise (licorice) flavors. Thus, this factor is enough to make it stand among the other shisha brands in the market.

Allow your cravings to lead you to this Two Apples (Double Apple) Flavor. This would bring total satisfaction to any fan with sweet-tooth yearnings. One significant plus to the Two Apples (Double Apple) Flavor is its dense clouds packed with flavor. This Al Fakher flavour is pretty compelling. It is made out of a sweet blend of red and green apple flavors and a decent addition of anise or licorice. This leads to a deliciously sweet and rich taste of this flavor which feels pretty impressive for any hookah session.

What Is So Amazing About Al Fakher Double Apples?

The Al Fakher double apple comes with sweetness and richness in flavor. Coupled with a proper application of anis with a dense cloud smoke, it makes the Two Apples Flavor a top choice for most hookah lovers. However, if you want to enjoy this Al Fakher flavour to the fullest, then it will be better to exhale through both your mouth and nostrils.

If you try this flavor for the first time, you may notice a licorice sensation. You would also feel that there is a taste of spice and cinnamon mixed with subtle apple tastes.

For Whom Is Al Fakher Double Apple Favorable?

If you have licorice, stay away from this flavor. However, any persistent shisha lover would definitely enjoy this flavor. It is comfortable to try out, especially if you do not jerk when you taste licorice or anise.

Demerits Of Al Fakher Double Apple

Many smokers do not enjoy the anise flavors in this Al Fakher Two Apples Flavor. For some smokers, the licorice taste can be relatively strong. However, if you are a regular shisha smoker, this Al Fakher flavour would be the ideal one for you.

Also, if you want to try something different, you can try this exotic Al Fakher flavour!

Al Fakher flavour

Ending Note

We consider the Al Fakher Double Apple one of the best Al Fakher flavors of all time! We have asked multiple smokers about their experience with this shisha tobacco. None of them gave any negative reviews. However, if you are not a consistent smoker, this flavor would seem a bit harsh on your throat!

We advise that you try this flavor only when you are sure that you can smoke a whole bowl of this exotic tobacco!


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